Model Academy


    Culinary Arts Career Pathway 
    In the Culinary Arts Career Pathway, we are preparing our students to enter the world after high school with a professional skills-set that will be beneficial in the restaurant industry. We are committed to getting our students "career ready" regardless of what they choose to do after high school.
    The restaurant industry is the 3rd highest grossing industry in the United States, and it is our commitment to make sure our students have a clear perspective on what options there are in the industry. We cover all aspects of the restaurant industry from washing dishes, to the fundamentals of cooking, all the way to the roles of managers.
    With our state of the art industrial kitchen we are equipped to run a full service restaurant out of our school where we serve food to our faculty throughout the school year. The Culinary Arts Career Pathway is evolving each year with opportunities to get scholarships, compete on state level with other high school Culinary Arts programs, network with Dallas area chefs, and work in many different events throughout our city.
    • State-of-the-art Industrial Kitchen
    • Training to work in various positions in the restaurant industry including managerial and cooking
    • Networking with chefs and restaurant professionals
    • Cooking breakfast and lunches for teachers
      9th Grade - Principles of Hospitality
    10th Grade - Introduction to Culinary Arts
    11th Grade -  Practicum in Culinary Arts 1
    12th Grade -  Practicum in Culinary Arts 2
    Program Contacts:
    Wayne Rogers - CTE Campus Coordinator
    Jaquayla Minor - Culinary / Hospitality & Tourism Teacher