Dallas ISD Health Services

Teen Pregnancy and Parenting

  • With the support of the Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Services program, Dallas ISD students can continue their education without interruption and prepare for graduation, career or college. Services include social and community health services, parenting skills and counseling, job readiness and career counseling, child care assistance and transportation assistance.

    For expectant students experiencing health concerns, Dallas ISD offers home bound instruction. With assistance from a district case manager, students can continue their education at home and receive instructional support and materials such as textbooks, calculators and other necessary supplies.

    Compensatory Education Home Instruction

    (CEHI) is a state mandated support service for school districts.

    Providing academic services to eligible students at home when complications of pregnancy prevent the student from attending school, and also during the postpartum period.

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    Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Program (TPPP) Contacts

    Theresa Davis, LCSW-S

    Theresa Davis, LCSW-S
    Program Supervisor
    (214) 932-5184

    Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Program Case Managers
    Traci Brown, LMSW Traci Brown, LMSW
    (469) 834-8927
    Rita Davis, LSW Rita Davis, LSW
    (469) 816-3924
    Janae Hampton, LCSW Janae Hafford, LCSW
    (214) 732-7422
    Irma Jimenez, RN Irma Jimenez, RN
    (214) 732-7462
    Linda Johnson, NA (CEHI Office) Linda Johnson, NA (CEHI Office)
    (214) 932-5174
    Yvonne Montemayor Yvonne Montemayor, RN
    (214) 926-8357