• Parent-School Compact

    The purpose of this Parent-School Compact is to communicate a common understanding of home and school responsibilities to assure that every child accomplishes high standards and receives a quality education.

    School’s Responsibility: The Staff at Pleasant Grove Elementary will: 
    • Encourage parent and community input regarding the education of the students we serve by offering Parent-Teacher Meetings, Site-Based Decision Making Committee (SBDM)Meetings, parent conferences and other monthly parent contact(s).
    • Offer flexible scheduling of parent meetings/conferences, assemblies and school events for parental involvement.
    • Communicate clearly with parents in two languages (English & Spanish) in order to make everyone aware of school events and student progress.
    • Respect student time by assigning homework that is an extension of schoolwork.
    • Communicate individual student accomplishments to parents through Weekly Calendar of Events, Thursday’s Folders, Special Progress Reports, Monthly Parent Contacts, and Special Notes.
    • Convey instructional thrusts and initiatives to parents at school-wide meetings and parent conferences.
    • Focus on the development of the whole child.
    • Provide a variety of instructional strategies that are research based so that all children have the opportunity to be successful on a daily basis.
    Parent’s Responsibility:  As a parent, I will:
    • Support my child by ensuring that he/she attends school daily.
    • Ensure my child is arriving no later than 7:55 a.m. each morning for Read Aloud.
    • Establish daily routines for school days and provide a quiet workplace at home for my child to complete homework assignments.
    • Provide assistance and constant encouragement for my child.
    • Volunteer and participate in the activities of the school so that I may communicate to my child the importance of learning.
    • Monitor the amount and quality of television that my child engages in at home.
    • Read aloud or listen to my child read daily for at least 30 minutes.
    • Promote the social, emotional and physical development of my child by encouraging participation in extra-curricular activities.
    • Ask questions regarding my child’s progress by conferencing with teachers during planned parent conference days and at other times throughout the year.
    • Expect my child to bring home his/her Thursday’s Folder each week so that I can monitor my child’s academic and behavioral progress, sign and return it to the campus on the next school day.
    • Encourage my child to respect school personnel and to display proper self-discipline on a daily basis as appropriate for his/her age.
    • Respond to teacher requests and discuss school-related concerns in a responsible way.
    • Model the belief that learning takes place at school and at home and that learning is a life-long process.