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    Are you creative?
    Do you like creating computer generated artwork?
    Want to be a better artist?
    Graphic Designer
    Digital Illustrator
    Silk Screen Designer
    Fashion Illustrator

    Graphic Design and Illustration Cluster
    The Graphic design and Illustration Cluster courses train young artist to support themselves in a career in the field of graphic design and illustration. Students should have a serious artistic interest, and the desire to develop their talent, and the maturity to work independently as well as in small groups.     
    Training begins with the use of basic tools and media and progresses to computer graphics and advanced procedures as talent develops.
    Students have the opportunity to use industry standard materials and procedures in preparing projects for display and print in brochures and other publications. Their designs are even worn on T-shirts and published in books.
    Students prepare their own professional portfolios and compete in local and state contests and may receive up to 12 hours of college credit.   colors