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  • Dallas ISD Trustee Miguel Solis | April 2020

    Posted by Dallas ISD on 4/15/2020

    District 8 Shout Out

    Kudos to the Academy of Finance at IDEA for being named in it’s first year as one of 135 academies in the NAF network to reach Distinguished Level, the highest level of achievement.

    At-Home Learning

    I want to say a big thank you to our resilient teachers, students and parents, and to all our staff in the various Dallas ISD departments. Everyone has gone above and beyond to ensure that our students continue learning, all while adapting to the vital safety measures in place for our community.

    For at-home learning resources and more, visit: Tiny.cc/studentathomelearning 

    Pre-K Enrollment

    Pre-K registration for the 2020-2021 school year is now open. Did you know 90% of human brain development happens before age five? By registering your child in Dallas ISD’s PreK program, you give them the gift of a brighter future. Studies show that children who attend PreK are more likely to succeed in school, more likely to graduate, and more likely to go to college. 

    Dallas ISD offers free and tuition-based pre-k programs throughout the district. Families can register online at www.prekdallas.org

    Grab & Go Meals

    Dallas ISD remains committed to following the recommendations from the county and public health agencies, and in order to protect the health and safety of our families and staff, meal distribution will take place on Thursdays only from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students will be able to pick up enough meals to get them through the following Thursday.

    Family Mental Wellness

    If concern over COVID-19 has you feeling anxious, nervous, distressed and overwhelmed, you are not alone. According to mental health experts, these are common feelings resulting from the new normal of sheltering in place, constantly checking social media and watching nonstop news about the coronavirus outbreak.

    Changes in routines like staying home from school and work, spending hours indoors, decreased job and financial security, and getting less exercise than usual can all increase stress. And, experts say, the go-to and often detrimental behaviors people use to cope with stress will also likely increase. These behaviors include overeating, drug and alcohol abuse, excessive screen time, and bouts of anger.

    Just being aware that self-isolation can prompt these feelings and behaviors can help us be prepared to address them. Don’t forget that children and youths can also experience these feelings and behaviors.

    You can help yourself and your family deal with these by:

    • Talking honestly with children about their fears and concerns, providing age-appropriate information.
    • Allaying anxiety by talking to a trusted friend, counselor or minister.
    • Being aware that teens will want to stay in touch with friends and may use their cell phones more than usual.
    • Monitoring the time children spend online in non-learning activities.
    • Controlling intake of sweets and junk food and including healthy choices at mealtimes.
    • Setting aside time for exercise or physical activity each day.
    • Starting the day with reflection through journaling or even deep breathing. 

    For more resources, visit thehub.dallasisd.org or dallasisd.org/counselingservices.

    Dallas Job Opportunities

    The Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce has launched an initiative to connect displaced workers with job opportunities. The Say Yes to Dallas website and initiative aims to connect workers displaced by the COVID-19 outbreak with the organizations that are hiring employees. 

    Visit sayyestodallas.com/jobs/displaced-workers/ to learn more.

    Stay Safe

    I hope you and your family stay safe in these unprecedented times as we all do our part to flatten the curve in Dallas.

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