• Our Priorities and Beliefs


    Core Beliefs
    • We believe in teaching with passion to challenge our students while getting them excited about learning.
    • Our teachers will demonstrate respect, consistency, patience, and understanding.
    • We will teach using high standards which are aligned with the state and district curriculum.


    • We believe that learning best takes place in an active, student-centered, discovery-based and structured environment.
    • We will cultivate learners through the use of technology, cooperative learning, interaction and research-based teaching practices.
    • We believe that learning develops a more well-rounded person, eases adversity, and increases self-esteem. 

    Our School 

    • We believe that Dade should be a positive, professional, safe and respectful environment which is warm and welcoming to all who enter.
    • We will celebrate successes and work together as a family.
    • Dade should be a community in which we share goals and ideas, responsibilities and challenges in an effort to help our students' transition from elementary to middle school, and middle school to high school. 

    Our Students

    • Dade students will be good citizens and life-long learners who have appropriate behavior and respect for themselves and others.
    • Our students should feel confident, motivated, and excited about coming to school each day and we should work to help make that happen.
    • We will celebrate the diverse backgrounds and various talents of our students.