• Connecting Wellness Calendar
    At the foundation of the Dallas ISD Coordinated School Health (CSH) initiative is the Connecting Wellness Calendar.  It is a yearly snapshot that is broken down into easy categories. 

    • The first column indicates the six weeks. 
    • The second column reflects the Character Education trait, as well as the developmental assets that could be addressed.  
    • The third column is the “CATCH Connection”.  This lists the CATCH Coordination Toolkit theme for that six weeks.  Each campus has a CATCH Coordination Toolkit and set of CATCH Curriculum.  The Toolkit has a thematic approach to the year where all areas of the school can coordinate their message.  It provides tangible resources such as postcards, pledge sheets, and posters for school personnel to easily provide a coordinated message.
    • The fourth column reflects the Wellness Theme Day for that six weeks.  The goal of the Wellness Theme Day is to identify the six days in that particular six weeks that schools can "focus" their Wellness Team efforts.  Each theme day tip sheet, disseminated to schools every six weeks, provides tangible ideas for coordinating CATCH resources and other events on the Connecting Wellness Calendar.
    • The fifth and sixth columns provide information on both Dallas-based events, and National Observances. The Dallas-based events are anything from fun runs to festivals in the Dallas area. Some are free events and others are fee-based, and schools are encouraged to share this information with their students and families.  The National observances have been selected to represent all components of Coordinated School Health.