• Wellness Theme Days

    The Wellness Theme Days are considered “push” days for coordination among all areas of Coordinated School Health.  The intent is to focus coordination efforts on those six days within that particular six weeks.  The District has simple and easy ideas for each theme day that are emailed to the Wellness Team Champions on each campus and made available on the district’s intranet curriculum page.


    All Wellness Theme Days have ideas/suggestions for all eight components of coordinated school health, plus the additional ninth component of Student Involvement from Dallas ISD.  The titles were purposely considered to be inclusive of all CSH components.  For example, there is “Try-It Tuesday” instead of “Tasty Tuesday” to have a broader reach than simply nutrition.  The five Theme Days are:


    Moving Modays- 1st  Six Weeks

    Try it Tuesday- 2nd Six Weeks

    Wellness Wednesday-3rd Six Weeks

    Thursty Thursday 4th Six Weeks

    Friendly Friday- 5th Six Weeks


    They not only link back to our district adopted CSH Program (i.e., CATCH), it also connects to the district’s Connecting Wellness Calendar. It provides ideas of “what” can be coordinated that six weeks and “who” it can be coordinated with.

    For more information on Wellness Theme Days, contact the Health and Physical Education Department at 972-925-6790.

    Awards of Excellence

    Additionally, the Dallas ISD - CSH Theme Days has been awarded the Discovery Award, Awards of Excellence from the Department of State Health Services.  Please see the Texas Department of State Health Services for more information on the Awards of Excellence.