• Newcomer Program Design  

    The Newcomer Program is a part of the ESL program designed for recent immigrant English language learners. Recent immigrant students are defined as students who have lived outside of the United States for two consecutive years or more. Identification, placement, assessment, and monitoring of English language learners enrolled in the Newcomer Program are the responsibilities of the campus LPAC. The Newcomer teacher is responsible for reviewing individual progress of Newcomer students to determine if the students are prepared for transitioning into an ESL classroom. LPAC is responsible for all program placement recommendations for students enrolled in the Newcomer Program. The newcomer program instructional model is content-based in elementary and pull-out in secondary.  

    The Newcomer Program is 

    • a multi-age program;
    • serviced by ESL certified teachers who provide grade-level instruction designed for students with identified Beginning English language levels;
    • provided to identified students for a total of one year. Identified students who enroll into the program in the spring (second semester) may continue enrollment in the Newcomer Program for the next academic year (campus LPAC recommendation); and
    • a program in which English language learners are recommended for placement into appropriate grade level ESL classrooms when such placement is deemed appropriate using the results of scheduled progress monitoring (not to exceed one year of enrollment). 

    Goal of the Newcomer Program

    • To prepare recent immigrant students with the academic language necessary for success.

    Newcomer teachers utilize research-based second language acquisition strategies for daily instruction including differentiated instruction. Based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, the instructional program requires students to perform at high levels of cognitive and academic development in the content areas while increasing English language proficiency.