9th Grade Freshmen

    Student Core Beliefs
    My future success depends on working hard today
    I have high expectations for myself, my classmates and my school
    I aim for excellence even when it's difficult

    9th Grade Freshmen "To Do" List


    • Attend ninth grade orientation-pick up class schedule and review your graduation plan. Develop an understanding of: a) graduation requirements, b) athletic eligibility requirements, c) college/career program requirements, d) testing. 
    • Learn study/time management skills.
    • Become involved with extracurricular interests (i.e., clubs, athletics, and student council).
    • Be serious about your grades and courses; some count for college entrance.
    • Take AP exams, if appropriate.
    • Re-think, or re-check your four-year high school plan with parent/guardian.
    • Take college-prep classes. Take courses that will enable you to meet prerequisites for additional courses.
    • Talk with your counselor, as needed.
    • Attend summer school if you need to raise a grade. Get a head start—earn degree credits at the community college.






















  • See your counselor TODAY to join a club or organization!

    Get Involved

    Joining a club is a great way to make friends, develop leadership skills and boost your resumé.