The Psychologist provides individual counseling for psychological, social and emotional issues that cover the full spectrum of psychological disorders.
    All information shared with the psychologist is privileged and confidential. It does NOT become a part of the school record. However, there are two exceptions to the confidentiality rule. In the case of a suicide threat the parent/guardian will be notified. In the case of abuse a report will be made to the relevant authority as required by law.
    The psychologist adheres strictly to the professional and ethical guidelines laid down by the American Psychological Association and the Texas State Board of Examiners for Psychologists.
    Parents/Guardians are encouraged to contact the Psychologist should they suspect that psychological issues are impinging on their child's academic progress.
    Students may schedule an appointment with the Psychologist by:
    • Going directly to the main office for assistance
    • Placing a request through a teacher or Counselor
    • Request through your parent