• College and Career Readiness

    Did you know???
    Interesting Facts for or College & Career Readiness Class:
    ****We currently have 40 students who have accepted and committed to attending either an College, University, Trade, or Military Branch in August.  
    ***At the being of February College & Career Readiness classes partner with Education Is Freedom (EIF) and hosted an in class Financial Aid Rush week. 75% of students have successfully applied for FAFSA or TASFA.
    **** 100% of all students have successfully applied for scholarships including Coco-Cola  Scholarship, Dell Scholarship, Dallas Mavs Scholarship, and DCCA Dream Scholarship just to name a few. They are eagerly awaiting responses to scholarships.
    **** Did you know that CCRC is a Dual Credit class with El Centro. 98% of the students are successfully passing the course.
     reality check Ready to graduate and leave Pinkston? Ready to move out of mom and dad's house and have the life style you always wanted? Take this reality check.
    Not what you planned? Did you know that Pinkston offers courses to help you get ready for life after high school? One of our goals is to help you develop a foundation of skills that you can use to successfully pursue a variety of college majors and careers. According to research, over 80 percent of 21st century jobs require some postsecondary education.

    El Centro West Campus offers a variety of classes for students pursuing a degree and/or seeking to enhance workforce skills through continuing education.

    At the West Campus, students can take virtually the entirety of the classes they need for an Associate in Arts or Sciences degree and transfer to a university.  Those pursuing degrees such as the Associate in Applied Sciences (in the health occupations or other fields) can take many of their basic classes at the West Campus before completing their studies at El Centro's downtown campus.  Finally, students can earn a quick Supervisior Certificate merely by taking six classes. 

    Whether your goals are to transfer to a university or to gain working-world skills, you can enjoy the benefits of beginning your studies in the small, intimate setting at El Centro's West Campus.

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    Use the Texas College and Career tools to make sure that you are on track to graduate from high school, research colleges, and plan for your career.