10th Grade Sophomore

  • 10th Grade Sophomore "To Do" List

    College on Purpose!

    ·        Review your graduation plan. (See your counselor)

    ·        Participate in extracurricular activities and/or get involved in community activities to provide background experience for college acceptance. (Join boy/girl clubs;volunteer in politics or hospital, etc.)

    ·        Think about career area(s); investigate colleges.

    ·        Be serious about your grades and courses. They count for GPA, college entrance, class ranking and many scholarships.

    ·        Attend the Career/College Fairs at local community colleges.

    ·        Take the PSAT test in the fall.

    ·        Re-think,re-check your four-year high school graduation plan with your parent/guardian.Take college-prep classes. Take courses that will enable you to meet prerequisites for additional courses.

    ·        Talk with your counselor, as needed.

    ·        Attend summer school if you need to raise a grade. Get a head start--earn degree credits at the community college.



  • See your counselor TODAY to join a club or organization!
    Get Involved

    Joining a club is a great way to make friends, develop leadership skills and boost your resumé.