• BetterLessons

    BetterLesson was founded by a group of teachers from Atlanta and Boston public schools to connect educators and help them create, organize, and share their curricula.



    Block Posters   

    Create large wall posters from any image for free!

    calvert - SMART notebook Lessons   


    Smart Wiki with tons of files and quick how-to videos. Amazing site!

    ClassTools.net: Create interactive flash tools / games for education   


    It has lots of free, customizable flash templates for use in the classroom and they are GREAT!

    Delicious Social Bookmarks   


    Create bookmarks and access them from any where.  Delicious helps you find cool stuff and collect it for easy sharing.  Dig into stacks created by the community and then build your own.


    Dibels Resources   


    Here are some great resources for vocabulary, text fluency, and other Dibels Progress Monitoring.

    Education World® : Teacher Tools & Templates   


    Great Website for teacher resources.



    Gradebook Software - GradeSpeed.NET™ FAQ   


    Staff can use this link to access training materials and video tutorials for GradeSpeed.



    iCurriculum Learning Portal   

    Staff can log into Curriculum Central and mydallasisdonline.

    ISIP: Istation Login   


     Istation is a revolutionary Internet-based education network and integrated reading and intervention program. Developed with input from many of the nation’s leading researchers and aligned to the federal No Child Left Behind act, istation individualizes instruction for each student, recommends individual and small group instruction and provides reports, which enable educators to meet state and federal reporting and accountability requirements.


    MyData Portal   


    Staff can log into MyData Portal. It enables users to make timely, informed instructional decisions with "anytime, anywhere" access to demographic information, curriculum tools, and current and historical assessment data. MyData Portal is a key part of the CIA cycle: integrating curriculum, instructional best practices, and analysis of assessment results to improve student learning.


    Oracle Login   


    Staff can use this link to access Oracle.



    Using the latest technologies, PowerVideos enables educators to enhance the learning experiences of all students through the delivery of exceptional content.  This is provided by the district and more resources can be found at https://www.dallasisd.org/Page/1037.


    Prezi - The Zooming Presentation Editor

    A freeware that allows you to make presentations on the web.

    Primary Wall   


    A teacher creates a "wall" online, give the address to students, and students can go there and put comments - like sticky notes. This seems like it would work well in a lab setting where students could, say, use it in a group research project. Give a topic - and students add facts as they encounter them in research. When they are done, there would be lots of information about any given topic. Its an easy way to collaborate online.
    One cool feature is that you can export the sticky note text to wordle - and generate a word cloud from it.


    Promethean Planet - Interactive Teacher Community   


    Created by teachers, for teachers, Promethean Planet is a unique teaching, sharing and support community—your place to connect, create, and change the classroom!

    Reasoning Mind Teacher Documents   


    Reasoning Minds teacher resources and documents.

    Search Lesson Plans by Keyword and Subject for Your SMART Board - SMART Exchange   


    Lessons from the SMART website.

    Sign In to GradeSpeed.NET - Web Based Gradebook Software   


    Staff can sign into GradeSpeed.

    SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Lessons and Resources for Teachers | Scholastic   


    Scholastic's lessons and helpful links for teachers.

    Son of Citation Machine   


    Citation machine helps students and professional researchers to properly credit the information that they use. Its primary goal is to make it so easy for student researchers to cite their information sources, that there is virtually no reason not to -- because...



    TEA: Texas Education Agency   


    This link provides leadership, guidance and resources to help schools meet the educational needs of all students.