Dallas Pass (D-Pass) 

The safety of your child is always our top priority in the Dallas Independent School District. From the moment your child boards a school bus to when he or she returns home, our staff is committed to doing everything possible to ensure student safety.

One of the ways we plan to do that is by issuing a specially-designed electronic card called a “D (for Dallas) -Pass.” The “D-Pass” card is being issued to students with disabilities who receive transportation services via special education routes. Your child will receive this card by September 30, 2014. The “D-Pass” will ensure that students are boarding the correct school bus and travelling to their designated school at the proper time.
Things to know about the “D-Pass” card:
  • Each school bus that transports students with disabilities will be equipped with a “D-Pass” card As students with disabilities enter/exit the school bus, they will place their “D-Pass” card in front of the card reader. 
  • The “D-Pass” card system will record the time, date, and location of entry/exit of your child. This data will be transmitted to a secure database only accessible to the Dallas ISD and Dallas County Schools which operates school buses throughout the school district.
If you have any questions, read the D Pass Frequently Asked Questions or contact Arlene Stein, Director of Special Education, at (972) 581-4124.