BMC College/ Career Center


    I.       To equip all BMC seniors with college related information.


          4       Scholarships

          4      FAFSA

          4       ACT (Tutoring locations & Testing Dates)

          4      SAT  (Tutoring locations & Testing Dates)

          4     College Application ~ Fee Waivers



    II.     To introduce seniors to colleges through college visits hosted by college representatives throughout the school year (i.e. UT Austin, Texas A&M, Babson College, Dallas County Community College District, etc).



    III.    To allow students the utilization of the computer, printer, and copy machine for college/scholarship  information.


    §  During lunch time

    §  During cluster class (only) per teacher permission

    §  After school till 5:00 p.m.


    IV.    To obtain from students:


    Ø College Acceptance Letters

    Ø Scholarship Award Letters

    Ø Dual Credit Information