• BMC Seniors



    Countdown to College: Steps to follow…..



                 I.      Log-on to (www.collegeboard.com) to check College Admissions Requirements & Deadlines.

              II.      Apply to at least 3 Colleges - before Winter Break                 In-State (www.applytexas.org)

    Out-of-State (www.commonapplication.org)

           III.      Take the SAT and/or ACT - before Winter Break

           IV.      Send transcript(s) & fee waiver(s) to applied college(s) – before Winter Break

              V.      Have resume & community service hours available – before Winter Break

           VI.      Apply for scholarships – (on-going )

        VII.      Apply for your pin ~ (www.pin.ed.gov)before Winter Break

     VIII.      Complete the FAFSA (Federal Application for Federal Student Aid) ~ (www.fafsa.ed.gov) – in January

           IX.      Submit copy of College Acceptance & Scholarship Award letters


    **For assistance with any of the above mentioned see Mr. Jaramillo in the BMC College/Career Center during all lunches, during cluster class only per teacher permission, or after school.**