• Principal for a Day Activities

    What do PFADs do on their visit?

    A Principal for a Day generally starts at the beginning of the school day, however, the PFAD and the principal can determine a different time for the visit. There are no set parameters for what PFADs can do during their visit at a school. Careful matching of PFAD volunteers with schools and good planning sessions with principals usually ensure that the visit is productive for both parties.

    Examples of PFAD activities:

    • Engage in class discussions
    • Make morning announcements over the PA system
    • Address a class or assembly regarding their area of expertise
    • Walk the hallways with an administrator
    • Visit classrooms to observe instruction
    • Teach classes
    • Read to students
    • Meet with the student council
    • Meet with representatives of the parents association
    • Review technology used in teaching
    • Sit in on principal conferences or staff meetings
    • Share lunch with students, parents, and/or faculty
    • Conduct conflict resolution discussions
    • Attend special activities or performances