What is AlgeBridge?

AlgeBridge is an accelerated 8-day program for Math 6 students that will allow them to access the advanced math pathway in Math 7 Pre-AP. The goal of this program is to increase enrollment in middle school Algebra 1. Students will then have access to more advanced math courses in high school, higher high school and college completion rates, and better access to STEM and IT careers.


  • What students should participate?  This program is for any regular Math 6 student that wants to join the accelerated pathway for math.  Ultimately it is a campus decision, however each campus was provided with a list of students that scored at the Masters or Meets level for their 5th grde STAAR that are currently in regular Math 6.  This is a starting point for student invitations into the AlgeBridge program. 

    Does it have to last for 8 days?  The campus has flexibility with the amount of days as long as the content is taught and students are proficient. 

    Does it have to last for 3 hours each day?  The campus has flexibility with the amount of hours as long as the content is taught and students are proficient.

    What do I do with the student profile sheet when the program is over?  Give one copy to the student and put one copy in the student's cummulative folder.  

    Is there a pre-test or post-test?  That is a campus decision.  If a campus administers a pre-test and/or post-test the scores can be written on the student profile sheet. 

    What action steps should be taken if a student is not successful in the AlgeBridge program?  The teacher, along with the administrator and the parent, should make the decision whether or not to advance the student. 

    What about grades for the student?  You may take grades during the AlgeBridge program, but those grades may not be averaged with their regular Math 6 grades.  Since students are enrolled in Math 6 they can only receive grades from the Math 6 content on their report card.  Since the AlgeBridge program is 7th grade content, no grades from the AlgeBridge program can be used on the students' report cards.  

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For Additional Information Contact:

  • Jackie Malone

    Math Coordinator, STEM Department