• General Information

    At Cedar Crest Elementary School, the operative word for this year is progress. We look forward to an unparalleled level of academic achievement. In order to ensure that every student is given the support needed to be successful, we have enhanced our enrichment activities and our extended-day program.

    Every child at Cedar Crest Elementary School is a work in progress. We have a dynamic cadre of teachers united to build strong foundations for every child enrolled in our school. Our staff hosts parent workshops on a monthly basis to ensure that our parents are knowledgeable of our curriculum and campus goals. Parents and the community are encouraged to meet our staff and view calendars, assessment data, homework aid resources, tutoring schedules, and opportunities for student co-curricular and extracurricular activity participation.

    We have developed a school Web site to ensure that our parents and partners are well informed and have a resource from which to obtain factual information as it pertains to the district and campus goals. The faculty and staff appreciate parent and community interest and support of our school's efforts to provide an environment that nurtures students and fosters lifelong learning.