• Thomas C. Marsh Preparatory Academy 

    Launched 6th grade implementation in 2015-16 and expanded school-wide in 2016-17
    Quick Facts

    Principal: Dawna Duke, dawduke@dallasisd.org
    Assistant Principal: Ronald Hollingsworth, rhollingsworth@dallasisd.org
    Assistant Principal: Amanda Chandler, amchandler@dallasisd.org
    Assistant Principal: Amanda Sanders, amsanders@dallasisd.org
    PL Quarterback: Juan Carlos Strickland, jstrickland@dallasisd.org

    What We Do:
    Marsh’s vision is to inspire students’ love of learning in order to cultivate well-informed and engaged citizens that will positively impact their community, their country, and the world.
    How We Do It:
    Marsh empowers students to take control of their educational destiny through personalized learning. By reimagining the public education experience, we support every student’s individual academic journey on the road to college.

    Key Components of Our Personalized Learning Model:
    ✓ Small group instruction
    ✓ Technology-rich lessons
    ✓ Implementation of the Summit Learning platform
    ✓ Social-emotional learning integrated schoolwide
    ✓ Extensive extracurriculars including Leadership Cadet Corps, band, orchestra, and theater

    Proudest Accomplishments:
    ✓ Award-winning band program, earning 81 First-Division medals in the district’s solo/ensemble event in 2016-17 alone and consistent superior ratings at regional competitions
    ✓ The district’s first and highest-ranking Leadership Cadet Corps, winner of # medals over the past # years
    ✓ 20 percentage point increase on Math STAAR assessment passing rate
    ✓ 37 percentage point increase on key staff survey question, “The key actions my school is working on this year are focused on what is best for students.”
    ​✓ 55% decrease in out-of-school suspensions and elimination of in-school suspensions