• Chapel Hill Preparatory

    Launched school-wide implementation in 2015-16
    Quick Facts:

    Principal: Zenaida Martinez, zaviles@dallasisd.org
    Assistant Principal: Leslie Walton, lewalton@dallasisd.org
    PL Quarterback: Jessica Navarro, jnavarro@dallasisd.org

    What We Do:
    Chapel Hill Preparatory will be THE premier 21st century school that caters to the needs of the whole child in a personalized learning environment.

    How We Do It:
    Our Mission is to personalize a high-quality education and inspire lifelong learners

    Key Components of Our Personalized Learning Model:
    • Blended Learning station rotation model
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • Data-Driven Instruction
    • Flexible learning spaces and seating

    Proudest Accomplishments:

    • Breakthrough Campus (LAS)