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  • Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA)*

    Launched 9th grade implementation in 2015-16 and expanded by one grade-level per year

    Principal: Raymie Venable, ravenable@dallasisd.org 
    Assistant Principal: Andrew White, andwhite@dallasisd.org

    What We Do:
    Powering possibilities of future DFW Changemakers with Passion, Empathy, and Purpose

    How We Do It:
    We believe that all students deserve a one of a kind education based on their strengths, interests, needs, and skills. We consider this a part of self discovery. We accomplish this through personalized learning, project-based learning, experience learning, and service learning.

    Key Components of Our Personalized Learning Model:
    ✓ One-to-one student mentoring program
    ✓ Internships in a field of each student’s choice
    ✓ Student-paced lessons and personalized instructional pathways
    ✓ One-to-one student laptops to support adaptive instruction
    ✓ Next Generation Skills rubrics
    ✓ Student-led goal setting

    Proudest Accomplishments:
    ✓ Achieving the highest District exam scores among all comprehensive high schools in English, World Geography, and Algebra II
    ✓ Outscoring district averages in Algebra and English I EOC state exams
    ✓ Securing more than 50 student internships
    ✓ Partnering with nearly 200 mentors to support students
  • *The Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy or IDEA is not affiliated with or endorsed by IDEA Public Schools. The marks IDEA is used with the permission of IDEA Public Schools.