Finance and Accounting Support to Campuses

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    To provide proper and diligent service to all Dallas ISD campuses to ensure activity fund monies are used to promote the general welfare of the school and the educational development and morale of all students.

    To provide excellent customer service to all Dallas ISD campuses, departments, and vendors.  To ensure applicable Dallas ISD Board policies, guidelines, and standardized operational and financial procedures governing the management and use of activity funds are effectively communicated to campus staff.  Also, to ensure compliance with district policies, guidelines and procedures, and the Texas Education Agency’s Financial Accountability System Resource Guide; thereby, increasing accountability of activity funds and enhancing the trust of students, parents, and the public we serve.

    The primary responsibility of FASC is to assist all Dallas ISD campuses in the daily operation and maintenance of their respective business operations which include ensuring the proper collections, disbursement, and control of activity funds.
    Additional/FASC responsibilities are:

    • Provide training on activity funds guidelines and procedures; district approved accounting practices and applicable board policies
    • Provide training on Oracle R12 Cash Receipt Module
    • Maintain and update the district’s Activity Funds Manual, Sponsor/Staff Handbook, and activity funds forms
    • Develop training material for activity funds sponsor/staff training
    • Prepare journal entries for deposits and transfers
    • Provide one-on-one training for campus personnel
    • Provide daily assistance to campus personnel with questions, concerns, and problems relating to business operations
    • Review monthly bank reconciliations for all campuses


    Our District deposit pick-up services with Brinks has ended as of, November 13, 2020. Please DO NOT release funds to Brinks after this date.

     If you have not done so already, we are suggesting to add items onto Revtrak for all collections/fundraisers to help in preventing an abundance of cash being left on the campus, checks being held, and stopping the spread of COVID.

     In the interim, if your campus does not utilize Revtrak, CONTINUE to following the DAILY procedures of receiving the cafeteria deposits (if any), receipt funds (in oracle), remit & deposit (in oracle), prepare deposits for pick up (for the courier when they start), and record them in the Brinks Logbook.

    ALL deposit bags must be secured IN THE SAFE, not on a shelf, drawer, or just in the vault.  IN THE SAFE!!  EMPLOYEE’S ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TRANSPORT FUNDS ANYWHERE!

     We are working on final details for the new vendor and will provide notification when they will begin servicing the campuses.

     If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your FASC department specialist. 

      Thank you.


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