• A.     Two-Way Dual Language

    The Dual Language Education model was established as the district's bilingual program for English Language Learners (ELL) at the elementary level, with the goal of having students reach a proficient level of bilingualism, bi-literacy and multicultural competency. In recognition of the linguistic resource provided by students who speak Spanish as a first language, a companion Two-Way Dual Language program of choice was launched on 19 elementary sites to include English proficient students. Two-Way programs integrate language minority and language majority students in the same classroom with the goal of academic excellence and bilingual proficiency for both groups. The Two-Way model increases the district's competitiveness with private institutions that offer Spanish language education. 

    Withers Elementary Two-Way Dual Language Program Goals

    a.     Bilingualism- Develop a high level of proficiency in the students first language and in a second language.
    b.     Bi-literacy- Perform at or above grade level in social and academic areas in both English and Spanish.
    c.      Multicultural Competency- Demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes, behaviors and high levels of self-esteem.