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  • Our teachers deserve great leaders
    The correlation between teacher quality and student achievement is indisputable. But what about the effect a principal has? We believe leaders matter, and effective principals make a significant difference in student learning. A recent study found that the impact of highly effective principals is equal to up to seven months of additional learning each school year. That’s not because principals are in the classroom teaching students. That bump in achievement is a result of the support and mentoring that great principals provide for the teachers and staff in their schools.

    An effective principal works to build a culture of excellence on their campus, through providing useful instructional feedback, acting as a coach for their teachers, and continuously monitoring the system for improvement. We’re looking for principals who demonstrate leadership and vision, and will do what it takes to ensure the teachers and students on their campus have the best chance for success.

    We value, and reward, strong leaders
    Dallas ISD believes that leadership is key to transformative change, and we know the path to becoming an effective leader is rarely simple. Hard work, dedication, long hours and tough decisions are a few of the stepping stones along the path that must be successfully navigated. For an effective leader, the journey of self-improvement never ends, which deserves to be rewarded with a salary that reflects that commitment.

    The Effectiveness = Performance and Achievement (EPA) plan is our progressive system for principal evaluation. It is designed to reinforce the importance of strong leaders in achieving the transformation goals of our strategic plan, Destination 2020. The EPA plan is designed to accurately, fairly and rigorously evaluate principal effectiveness, provide constructive feedback and develop capacity with the ultimate goal of raising student achievement.

    You’ll be part of a team changing the academic experience for children
    At Dallas ISD we strive to raise student achievement through what we call collective impact – the efforts of an entire community of parents, teachers and campus leaders, community members, and district staff coming together for the betterment of children. From ensuring our facilities and technology are leading-edge, to creating supportive environments that foster collaboration, we have made a commitment to do whatever it takes to create the best opportunities for student and staff success.