• Quick Facts

    Principal: Antonio L. Verduzco
    Assistant Principal: Cheryl Deason

    Grade Levels: PK3-5

    Trustee District: District 4 

    School Division/Feeder Pattern:
    Schools Division 5 - Spruce High School Feeder Pattern

    Feeder Pattern: Spruce

    2019-2020 Motto:

    "The Little Harvard on Holcomb"


    Our mission is to value the individual child, to promote self esteem, and to provide an education of excellence in a safe and nurturing environment.


    Our vision is to equip Macon scholars with the knowledge, skills and tenacity to enter college, the workforce and a trade with 21st century skills.

    Uniform Colors

    • Top: Royal Blue, White, and/or Yellow Polo
    • Bottoms: Khaki, Black, and/or Navy Blue Pants, Shorts, and/or Skirts
    • Shoes: Closed toe, any color - Preferrably Athletic shoes
    • Hair: No Color or Designs

    School Colors: Blue & Gold

    Mascot: Mustangs