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Michael Latorre-Quevedo

Michael Latorre-Quevedo is one of the more than 900 teachers new to the area, among 2,000 teachers overall, hired in the district this school year.

But just one year ago, Latorre-Quevedo could have been found helping shape the minds of students in Puerto Rico, where he has taught at both the elementary and secondary levels. Thanks to a friend who told him about an opportunity to teach in Texas through the Dallas ISD Alternative Certification Program, Latorre-Quevedo now calls north Texas home.

“I actually applied 10 years ago and didn’t get in [the district], but I went to San Juan [Puerto Rico] to interview,” said Michael Latorre-Quevedo. “ Since I had a master’s (degree), I was looked at closely, and I was told what I needed to do and now I’m here.”

Latorre-Quevedo joined the teaching staff at L.G. Pinkston High School as a Spanish teacher. He brings nearly 15 years of teaching experience to Dallas ISD.

“Coming to Dallas was very smooth, but there’s been a lot of training since June,” Latorre-Quevedo said.