• Application Forms

    Please use the following link to complete the online Dallas ISD research application. The online application can be accessed via computer or mobile device. The online application is not supported by Internet Explorer or Edge. To have the best experience with the online application on your computer, use a supported, up-to-date browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

    Research Application: 

    To access the Research Application, click here.

    Supplemental forms and documentation:

    Materials for Approved Projects

    To request a Research Modification, click here.

    Which Forms Do I Need?

    Any researcher submitting a proposal to Dallas ISD's RRB will need to complete the entire online application. Visit our application instructions page for more detail on preparing your proposal.

    Does My Project Require Principal Permission? 
    Your project will require principal permission if your research involves direct participation by students or staff on district campuses. Form F also solicits information about how many participants will be involved, what activity they will be involved in, how much time the activity will take, and which category participants belong to (e.g. students, teachers, etc.). Examples of activities that require staff or classroom time include filling out surveys, implementing a program, or utilizing new technology.

    Do I Need a District Sponsor?
    All external research must receive district sponsorship (Sponsor Statement of Support form) before a research application can be submitted. District sponsorship is the process by which external researchers provide evidence that the district and its partners (1) have reviewed the research project overview and the associated research activities, (2) have reviewed all study materials and content and confirm that it aligns with District objectives and values, and if applicable, with current TEKS, (3) are interested in participating in the research project, and (4) believe that the research will be valuable and its findings will be used to inform the work of the department or district as a whole.

    Please note that having a Dallas ISD sponsor does not guarantee the research application will be approved. However, your research application will not be considered by the RRB without a district sponsor. In addition, finding a district sponsor is the responsibility of the researcher, and the Dallas ISD RRB cannot help you obtain a district sponsor. We recommend checking out the Dallas ISD department page to identify a sponsor that corresponds to your study.


    Who Needs to Submit a Modification Request?
    Requests for a timeline extension or modification of a previously approved proposal does not require resubmitting a full application. Please complete the Research Modification Coversheet and attach documentation of any proposed modifications.