• Application Instructions

    Application Instructions

    You must submit an application:

    • if your research project involves collecting individual-level data from or about Dallas ISD students, staff, or parents (e.g., surveys, tests, interviews, observations, focus groups, or other direct primary data-gathering methodologies), or
    • if you are requesting an extract of individual-level data maintained by Dallas ISD on district databases, including demographic, achievement, attendance, personnel, or other district records.

    Please read our guidelines for conducting research in schools BEFORE submitting an application to make sure your research will be considered by the RRB. Thank you!


    Preparing Your Proposal

    In your research proposal, you will need to provide the following types of information about your research study:
    • A statement of the research questions and objectives and a description of the implications of the research for Dallas ISD schools, including the educational challenge(s) addressed by the research.
    • A description of the study site(s) and a timeline that outlines the research methodology and activities.
    • A research methodology that fully describes the subjects and details the instruments and procedures in collecting the study’s data. It should be as specific as possible in regard to the number of subjects and how they are recruited.
    • A detailed explanation of the data analysis plan.
    • If your research involves direct student or staff participation, the estimated time required of the participants for the study’s research activities will also need to be reported.
    • A statement of the risks and benefits of the study.
    • If you are requesting secondary data, then type and description of student- and school-level data that is being requested from the Dallas ISD.

    If you are collecting new data for your research proposal, you will most likely also need:

    • Active consent letters for the study’s participants including school administrators, teachers, other school staff, students and parents (visit our Application Forms page for templates); please note, due to the high percentage of Spanish-speaking parents in Dallas ISD, all parental consent forms also need to be provided in Spanish.
    • A plan to guarantee confidentiality for research subjects and to ensure that study findings are reported anonymously (Form C).
    • Principal permission to conduct research in their schools.
    • A copy of all study participant recruitment flyers and brochures.
    • All surveys, questionnaires, and protocols for interviews, focus groups, and observations, along with any technical data describing validity and reliability of the instruments.
    NIH "Protecting Human Research Participants" Training


    Filling Out the Application

    About Form A

    Form A asks for general information about the research project and primary researcher. The researcher must provide a clear but concise executive summary so that persons unfamiliar with the research will be able to understand the purpose of the study.

    About Form B
    Form B is where the researcher provides the fine details of the research project. The researcher must have a detailed research design, including which schools would be participating and when the study would occur, as well as well-thought out research questions. It should be as specific as possible in regard to the number of subjects and how they are recruited. Researchers must also clearly explain the benefits to the district and the risks to participants. Finally, researchers must explain how the data will be analyzed.

    About Form C
    Form C is an assurance form to Dallas ISD and access to confidential data form that the researcher agrees to abide by all policies, rules, and regulations of the district. It must be signed by the primary researcher.

    About Form F
    If you intend to visit a campus to collect data, you will need to complete the Principal’s Intent/Permission and Time Requirement form. It is the responsibility of the researcher to meet with principals before submitting the research application to determine if the principal is interested in allowing the researcher to conduct research activities on their campus. The principal must be made aware of all activities to be conducted on the campus and the estimated time to complete each activity. The principal must initial each activity to indicate that they are aware of the activities and will allow the researcher to conduct those activities on their campus once the research application has been approved.

    About Form H
    If your research study proposes to implement something in the district, such as a new curriculum, program, training, or technology, you will need a district sponsor (Form H). The district sponsor must be appropriate for the given research study. The district sponsor is responsible for reviewing and approving the use of all materials before application submittal (e.g., Special Education, Early Childhood, or Teaching and Learning departments).

    Please note that having a Dallas ISD sponsor does not guarantee the research application will be approved. Your research application will not be considered by the RRB without a district sponsor. In addition, finding a district sponsor is the responsibility of the researcher, and the Dallas ISD RRB cannot help you obtain a district sponsor. We recommending checking out the Dallas ISD department page to identify a sponsor that corresponds to your study.

    Download Application Forms

    Application Fee Information

    Submitting Your Proposal

    Application materials must be submitted electronically. Please DO NOT submit application materials as a ZIP file; we are unable to receive ZIP files per district policy.

    Applications or questions about the application process should be submitted to research@dallasisd.org. The Access to Confidential Data and Assurances to Dallas ISD forms must be signed and returned along with an application fee.* All data request for existing data with data sharing agreements approved and signed will be subject to the data request fee schedule. The application fee must be a cashier's check or money order payable to "Dallas ISD" and include the project title on the check.

    Fees can be sent to:

    Attention: Dr. Larry Featherston
    Department of Evaluation and Assessment
    2909 N. Buckner Blvd.
    Dallas, TX 75228

    *The fee does not guarantee that the proposal will be approved, only that it will be reviewed and a letter of acceptance or rejection will be provided to the researcher. The fee will be waived for Dallas ISD employees conducting research as a requirement for a Master's or Doctoral degree.

    Flow Chart 3

    Proposal Extensions and Modifications (Form I)
    Requests for a timeline extension or modification of a previously approved project does not require resubmitting a full application. Please complete the Research Modification Coversheet and attach documentation of any proposed modifications (Form I). 

    Background Check
    Researchers that are collecting primary data on Dallas ISD campuses MUST complete a background check. To obtain a background check, please visit Dallas ISD's Volunteer Department page and create a volunteer account. After creating an account, under Volunteer Application, select “General” for Volunteer Type and check the radial box to give consent for a criminal records check. Under Additional Information, select “Other” and click "Evaluation and Assessment." Please make sure your provided email address is current. You should receive an email confirmation 48-72 hours after submitting request (DISD employees will not receive confirmation).