Dallas ISD Office of Transformation and Innovation

Design and Launch a Choice School

  • The Letter of Intent for Public School Choice 5.0 is now live, and can be accessed here. 

    The Proposal Template for Public School Choice 5.0 is now live, and can be accessed here. 

    As Dallas ISD seeks to ensure all students graduate from high school ready for college and career, Public School Choice will be a mechanism for growing the range of options so that all Dallas ISD students can attend a best-fit school - more specifically, a school where educators can more meaningfully and more deeply engage students intellectually by tapping into their specific interests, aspirations, preferred learning styles, personal circumstances, and values. The theory of action is clear: If all students are in a high-quality, best-fit school, then they will realize their full academic potential.

    Currently in Dallas ISD, choice manifests primarily through a number of magnet schools that are some of the best in the entire country. However, the admission criterion precludes many students from attending. Over the coming years, the Dallas ISD Office of Transformation and Innovation will help expand Public School Choice options for all students, regardless of their academic abilities.

    The recently completed Public School Choice competitive proposal processes have ushered in 24 Choice Schools ranging from those that anchor teaching and learning under a Personalized Learning model to a Leadership school to schools that are driven by a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) framework. Future Choice Schools offered by Dallas ISD will include a variety of instructional approaches and content/themes, such as:

    • Montessori Schools
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools
    • Expeditionary Learning Schools
    • Early/Middle College High Schools
    • Community Schools
    • Personalized Learning Schools
    • Leadership Academies
    • Dual language Schools
    • STEM/STEAM Academy
    • Visual and Performing Arts Academy
    • Business/Entrepreneurship Academy
    • Government/World Affairs Academy
    • Health Academy
    • Humanities Academy
    • Communications Academy
    • Virtual Schools
    • Single Gender Schools
    • P-Tech Schools
    • Project-based Learning (with Design Thinking) Schools
    • Performance Learning (competency-based)Schools