• Individuals and Societies 

    MYP individuals and societies encourages learners to respect and understand the world around them and equips them with the necessary skills to inquire into historical, contemporary, geographical, political, social, economic, religious, technological and cultural factors that have an impact on individuals, societies and environments. It encourages learners, both students and teachers, to consider local and global contexts.

    MYP individuals and societies incorporates disciplines traditionally studied under the general term "the humanities" (such as history and philosophy), as disciplines in the social sciences (such as economics, business management, geography, sociology and political science).

    In this group, students can engage with exciting, stimulating and personally relevant topics and issues. Many sensitive and personally challenging topics require careful consideration in the context of a safe and responsible learning environment characterized by respect and open-mindedness. The study of individuals and societies helps students to appreciate critically the diversity of human culture, attitudes and beliefs. Courses in this subject group are important for students to recognize that content and methodology can be debatable and controversial, and for practicing the tolerance of uncertainty. 

    The aims of MYP individuals and societies is to encourage and enable students to:  

    • appreciate human and environmental commonalities and diversity
    • understand the interactions and interdependence of individuals, societies and the environment
    • identify and develop concern for the well-being of human communities and the natural environment 
    • act as responsible citizens of local and global communities
    • develop inquiry skills that lead towards conceptual understandings of the relationships between individuals, societies and the environments in which they live.