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    Breaking Thru Barriers
    At Daniel Webster Elementary School, our mission is to teach students to develop and sustain a high regard for academic achievement in order to attain the functional literacy and life skills to be successful at each stage of their lives. The school and community share a mutual concern and awareness of all cultural, ethnic, religious, and social-economic backgrounds. Daniel Webster Elementary School prepares individuals to communicate, contribute, and interact successfully within a global community by providing a disruptive-free atmosphere where children can learn according to their abilities and learning styles.
    Daniel Webster Elementary educates more than 350 students. The educational program of Daniel Webster Elementary School stresses the Experienced-Based Approach of learning. The curriculum includes reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, music, computer science, and art.
    The school involves representatives from various community segments to assist in the planning and implementation of various activities to ensure effective communication between the home, school, and community.