• What does it mean for Bryan Adams to become a "Leadership Academy"? 


    Bryan Adams High School plans to phase-in a school-wide Leadership model designed to produce confident, empathetic, communicative leaders who are prepared to tackle the complex problems of tomorrow. The core feature of the model is that, in sophomore and senior year, all students will take part in a culminating portfolio defense of their leadership skills and academic achievements in front of a committee of educators and community leaders. Bryan Adams would continue to enroll its students from the traditional attendance zone. (Click here to read the full story on The Hub


    Desired Student Outcomes:


    KNOW- Master academic subjects which makes it possible to:

    • meet Texas graduation requirements for a Distinguished diploma
    • show proficiency on STAAR EOC assessments
    • perform successfully on college entrance/preparatory exams (SAT, ACT, AP) and Dual Credit coursework



    • Use core competencies required to perform the role of a college student: inquiry, analysis, research, and creative expression in core content areas
    • Use 21st Century Leadership Skills: communicate confidently, think critically, collaborate productively, and complete tasks responsibly.
    • Participate in at least one Extended Learning Experience in which students complete a project/task that benefits the workplace/community and requires a demonstration of their leadership abilities as well as inquire, research, or creative expression.
    • Speak to their learning in their portfolio defense as a sophomore and senior.



    • Recognize and acknowledge growth, accomplishments and successes as well as areas of future growth and development
    • Revise work to mastery based on feedback from teachers and peers.