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    • Updated Dallas Librarian Appraisal instrument has been designed to provide a more holistic and accurate assessment of a librarian's performance.
    • The updated appraisal instrument will ensure the effective operation of our libraries and support professional growth.

    The updated appraisal takes into consideration not only the traditional aspects of library management but also the evolving roles of librarians in the digital age. The instrument consists of multiple domains, including:

    Culture of Literacy
    Our school librarians play a crucial role in fostering a culture of reading and providing valuable educational resources to our students and staff.

    Literacy Instruction
    Librarians are assessed on their contributions to supporting content curriculum, collaboration with teachers, and integration of library resources into classroom instruction.

    Inquiry & Innovation
    Recognizing the importance of emerging technologies and inquiry skills, librarians are appraised on their efforts to promote digital literacy, inquiry, and creative thinking skills among students and staff.

    Family & Community Partnerships
    The librarian's involvement in school and community activities, outreach programs, and their ability to create a welcoming and inclusive library environment are assessed in this section.

    School Library Administration
    This section evaluates the librarian's ability to organize and maintain the library's physical and digital resources, as well as their efficiency in library operations.