• Advantages of Going to College

    You have just graduated high school, or are just about to, and are debating whether or not college is right for you. While many people feel that college has many advantages and is the obvious choice after graduation, there are some disadvantages to attending as well. Take your time to weigh both options and don't feel rushed to make a decision.

    Advantage: Preparation for Tougher Job Requirements

    Throughout most of the 21st century a high school diploma was sufficient to obtain a job. Many companies had their own training programs and employed their workers for many years. Because of changes in the global job market, employers are looking for hires that come fully trained in the profession. Jobs are changing constantly and top jobs ten years from now don't even exist yet. A college education will help you meet these tougher job requirements.

    Advantage: Pay

    Even though you initially spend a large sum of money to begin your college education, you most likely will earn it back with the increased pay you receive from having a degree. According to Susan Demas, "College graduates, on average, make a whopping one million dollars more in lifetime earnings than those with a high school diploma."

    Advantage: Options

    You not only have more job options once you get your degree, you now also have many options of how you want to obtain your degree. Colleges and universities have become very flexible in their programs, offering online classes, semi-online classes, night and weekend classes, and traditional classes.