Dallas ISD Style for Journalists

  • Our accepted style

    • The organization’s full name is the Dallas Independent School District.
    • On first reference, we prefer: Dallas Independent School District
    • On second reference, and any use after, it is accepted to use: Dallas ISD

    Our logo

    The official Dallas Independent School District logo can be found here.

    Why we are not DISD

    According to the website greatschools.org, there are more than 40 school districts with names that begin with the letter ‘D’ in the great state of Texas, including a handful based in our region (DeSoto, Duncanville, Denton, etc.). That’s a lot of school districts that can rightfully claim to call themselves “DISD.” In fact, many of those school districts do utilize that acronym.

    However there’s only one Big D, and that’s our hometown of Dallas. We’re very proud of this fact. We’re so proud that we highlight it by calling ourselves “Dallas ISD” instead of using a generic acronym.

    Help us celebrate our city! Moving forward, please refer to us as Dallas ISD instead of that other plain Jane acronym that everyone else uses. Yes, we recognize it’s a cultural change for many of you, and it’ll take some time to adjust--even for our teammates. But look at it this way...it’s still better than typing or saying “Dallas Independent School District” every time, right?!