• PL at Rogers

  • We’re About Personalized Learning at Rogers

    At Dan D. Rogers, our purpose is to educate community-minded leaders of tomorrow by facilitating an individualized pathway that is tailored to each student’s academic, social, and emotional needs.  We provide a rigorous, engaging, and supportive environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and commitment to excellence.

    Our educational philosophy is grounded in our belief that each of our students has the right to a personalized education in a learner-centered environment that recognizes their individual strengths, interests, motivations, and needs.  We have high expectations for our students and believe that they will excel by setting incremental, achievable goals that put them on the path to graduating from college with at least a four-year degree.  We believe that collaboration among faculty, families, and community is crucial to the development of a self-empowered and global-minded learner who practices mindfulness, persistence, creativity, and critical thinking.