• Frequently Asked Questions (All Users)

    Where do I log in to access CMS?

    The Cornerstone web platform can be accessed here, or by clicking the link above that reads: “Click here to access the Cornerstone Platform (Career Management System).” For best results, please use Chrome or Firefox.

    What is my username and password to access CMS?

    Your username and password are the same EAD username and password you use to access your computer. If you have technical issues logging into the system, please email careermanagement@dallasisd.org.

    What staff members are evaluated on CMS?

    • All full- and part-time central staff professional employees not on an existing Excellence Initiative
    • All full- and part-time central staff support employees not on an existing Excellence Initiative
    • All full- and part-time campus-based operations staff

    What are the components of CMS?

    The CMS appraisal consists of two components:
    • Goal(s): Accomplishment of at least one rigorous, SMART goal, to be tracked and accomplished between August and June or (end of contract date)
    • Leadership Rubric Competencies: Evaluation of a set of competencies from four domains: Culture, Talent, Impact, and Stakeholders

    What are my key dates for CMS?

    The CMS annual cycle includes three phases spanning from July 1 - June 30:
    • Phase 1: Beginning of Year Planning/Goal-Setting Conference (August - October)
    • Phase 2: Mid-Year Review (January - February)
    • Phase 3: End of Year Review (May - June)

    Where can I get more information about CMS?

    Visit our Resources page for the Career Management System Guidebook, support documents, and Quick Reference Cards to assist you in completing the appraisal cycle.

    How do I enter my goals in CMS?

    All CMS users are assigned a Goal-Setting Task in CMS in August for goal entry. In the bottom left corner of the Cornerstone Welcome screen, please select “Complete Goal-Setting and Online Goal Entry” under My Performance Review Tasks to complete this task.

    How do I access my previous year’s CMS review?

    From the Employee Excellence homepage, select “Performance” and “Performance Reviews.” Your completed review is accessible under “My Personal Reviews” and can be downloaded and saved as a .pdf file or printed.


    Frequently Asked Questions (Mid-Year Review)

    What are the required steps in the Mid-Year Review process?
    The Mid-Year Review is comprised of the Employee Self-Review, Manager/Appraiser Review, and Mid-Year Review Conference. Please see the Guidebook for information about the CMS Annual cycle.

    My employee is new to the district or position. Should I complete a Mid-Year or End of Year Review?

    All employees hired before June 1st should complete a Beginning of Year Goal Setting Task; however, the Mid-Year Review will not be required. Only employees hired before April 1st will be assigned an End of Year Review task.  
    I am being rated under the Leader of Other rubric, but I do not formally manage others. How should I rate indicators that do not apply to me?
    Job title and position determine employee placement on the Dallas ISD Leadership rubric. In cases where a position may manage a program or initiative rather than direct reports, please select "Not Applicable (N/A)" in the rating scale for applicable indicators. Indicators marked N/A will not count toward the overall score in the End of Year Review. 
    How can I access my completed review?  To access or download your completed Mid-Year Review, log in to the Cornerstone platform here, then select PERFORMANCE > PERFORMANCE REVIEWS > MY PERSONAL REVIEWS from the welcome page. Click on the text to access the completed review task. 
    Managers/Appraisers may access completed review tasks for direct reports by selecting PERFORMANCE > PERFORMANCE REVIEWS > MY ASSIGNED REVIEWS and selecting "show completed/expired tasks."   

    Where can I find a growth plan for one of my direct reports?

    If deemed necessary, an appraiser should develop an Individual Intervention Plan for any employee in need of additional support and development. The Individual InterventionPlan template can be used.

    Frequently Asked Questions (Managers/Appraisers) 

    Last year, I added goals for my direct reports. Is this still possible?

    Managers and Appraisers may assign goals to their direct reports by selecting Performance and navigating to Goals. Employees must acknowledge any goals set for them by completing the Goal-Setting Conference task. Please refer to the Resources page for additional assistance completing this task.
    I am an appraiser/manager, and my list of direct reports is not correct. How can I change this?
    Cornerstone feeds from Oracle. To make an update to assigned appraisers, please use the DISD Online Evaluation Supervisor function in Oracle, or request an update to your assigned appraisers by emailing careermanagement@dallasisd.org.

    I am a Manager or Appraiser. How can I see if my direct reports have a goal in CMS?

    As a manager you can assist your team members by ensuring that they have at least one goal entered in CMS. Please refer to the CMS Reports Quick Reference Guide which provides instructions on how to run a report in the online CMS to determine which of your direct reports do not have a goal in the system.  

    I hired a new employee after the Beginning of Year Goal-Setting. Does that employee need to enter a goal in CMS? And will I be required to complete an evaluation for that employee? 

    Central staff and campus-based operations employees are appraised with CMS. Please see the Guidebook for additional information regarding Extenuating Circumstances.

    Where can I find a performance improvement plan for one of my direct reports?

    If deemed necessary, an appraiser should develop an Individual Intervention Plan for any employee in need of additional support and development. The Individual Intervention Plan template can be used.

    Can I request training for my department or staff?

    In additional to in-person trainings provided throughout the year, training for individual departments can be scheduled by reaching out to us at careermanagement@dallasisd.org.