• Drama


    At Mata Montessori, students will have the unique experience of participating in dramatic enrichment classes with Ms. Osborne. The primary focus of these classes will be creative drama, yet other forms of personal expression will also be explored throughout the year, including movement, rhythmic music, and visual art. Stories and literature will come to life as students are invited to participate in a variety of dramatic art activities that could include finger plays, puppetry, thematic songs, and story drama.

    Creative drama involves the mind, body and imagination. Students act out favorite stories, create original situations from life experiences, and imagine themselves in worlds where anything is possible. Creative drama provides many benefits to young students, including development of imagination and aesthetic awareness, independent and critical thinking, and improved self-esteem. Through dramatic play students can increase their language and communication skills and develop empathy for others by exploring new characters and situations.

    The term "drama education" incorporates the various disciplines, forms, and applications of drama, creative dramatics, and theatre arts for educational purposes. It balances "process" (creating, exploring, learning concepts, drama games, theatre games, and standards-based lessons) with "product" (performances, shared group creations, plays, and final productions).

    Drama is an art form that explores human conflict and tension. It generally takes the form of a story presented to an audience through dialogue and action. The story is conveyed using the elements of theater: acting, costumes, props, scenery, lighting, music, and sound.

    Drama education incorporates elements of an actor's training to facilitate the students' physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. It is a multi-sensory mode of learning designed to:

        Increase awareness of self (mind, body, and voice) and others (collaboration and empathy);
        Improve clarity and creativity in communication of verbal and nonverbal ideas; and
        Deepen understanding of human behavior, motivation, diversity, culture, and history.

    An excellent list of the benefits of a Drama education can be viewed here: http://dramaed.net/benefits.pdf