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    The Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD) is one of the largest urban public school systems in the nation. As a result, many organizations, individual researchers, and graduate students are interested in conducting research in our district. The Dallas ISD supports high quality research that addresses well-formed research questions with clear and direct educational value to the district. At the same time, the district has ethical and legal obligations that require oversight of research activities which make use of district resources such as data, facilities, employee time, or access to students.

    Any person (even those affiliated with Dallas ISD) who wishes to conduct research at a campus must first obtain written approval from the Dallas ISD Research Review Board (RRB). While the district allows outside researchers to conduct studies in our school system, it must ensure that research does not compromise the privacy of students and their parents or disrupt the work of our students, administrators and teachers. Even if a researcher has received RRB approval, it does not mean that your campus has to participate. All research is voluntary, and participation by your campus, staff, and students is voluntary.

    To learn more about the process researchers must go through before their research is approved, please click here.


    Please click on link below to open a resource page for administrators that contains a list of approved research studies. Administrators can consult the list to verify which, if any, of the studies have permission to conduct research at their campuses.

    Research Studies, click here

    Research Modifications, click here


    For any inquiries, administrators or school staff can contact the RRB via email at research@dallasisd.org or call Dr. Larry Featherston, Chair of Research Review Board at 972-925-6444.