• Quick Facts

    Principal: Sheila Ortiz Espinell

    Grade Levels: PK-6

    Trustee District: District 8

    Trustee: Joe Carreón

    School Division/Feeder Pattern:
    Schools Division 3-Pinkston High School Feeder Pattern



    Gabe P. Allen New Tech Academy will be a pioneer in primary education where all stakeholders (educators, families, and community members) will unite to empower all students to take ownership of their learning.  Our students will become assertive leaders, independent thinkers, and effective communicators to develop solutions to global and local issues. We will instill the skills they need to be successful today and ready to lead in an ever-changing world. 


    Our mission is to empower students to become confident, independent problem-solvers, leading us into a diverse and ever-changing society. We are dedicated to nurturing high self-esteem and respect for others. We believe that all students can learn by asking questions, solving problems, and making sound decisions. The Four Pillars of the New Tech Network (NTN) Model will drive our focus on preparing students for the future.

    1. Outcomes That Matter - stem from the five NTN Learning Outcomes of Agency, Collaboration, Knowledge and Thinking, Oral Communication, and Written Communication. 
    2. Teaching That Engages - Through Project-based Learning, teachers will lead students in contextual, creative, and shared learning experiences where collaboration and intentional projects will enhance student learning and achievement.
    3. Culture That Empowers - students and teachers will possess a deep understanding of ownership over student learning by creating a culture of trust, responsibility, and respect.
    4. Technology That Enables - integrating technology and digital tools for learning along with the alignment of the core curriculum will support students and teachers.

    Portrait of a Graduate

    Students from Gabe P. Allen New Tech Academy will be confident problem solvers, effective communicators, self-sufficient learners, and critical thinkers upon graduation from our campus. They will possess the skills necessary to succeed in their educational journey and throughout their life. These skills are the cornerstone of the New Tech model, which will lead to student success in project-based and social-emotional learning. As a result, students will be able to carry out these skills throughout their educational journey.

    1. Confident Problem Solver - thinking outside the box to find solutions, using creativity and innovation when finding solutions, seeing failures as steps towards a viable solution and not as a setback.
    2. Effective Communicator listens carefully to internalize meaning before articulating a response, takes time to reflect on ideas, decides on a communication method (oral/written) to deliver the message needed, and effectively uses technology as a tool.
    3. Self-sufficient Learner - knows their weaknesses and strengths and how to leverage those to enhance their learning.
    4. Critical Thinker - analyzes all the data available and asks questions that will lead to cultivating solutions.


    Our motto is "to make our school a happy place to be, a place to learn, a place to make friends and a place where we can be the best that we can be."


    • Top: White, Light Blue
    • Bottoms: Black, Navy, or Khaki

    School Colors: Navy Blue and Gold

    Mascot: Eagle