• Teacher Mentor Program

    The Teacher Induction Plan and the Teacher Mentor Program are integral components of a teacher’s first year experience. Through the Dallas ISD Teacher Mentor Program, new/novice teachers are strategically partnered with a highly skilled veteran teacher for enhanced acclimation, increased retention, and amplified teacher effectiveness while cultivating leadership potential in veteran teachers serving as mentors.

    At the campus level, the mentoring program seeks to establish a protected and supportive space in which a novice teacher can interact to discuss best practices and develop instructional skills.


                                                               Program Goals                                                                                  
                    Program Goals                            




                               Program Responsibilities

                        Program responsibilities

                                       *Note: various Alternative Certification programs may have additional requirements for interns

                                               $Surveys will be administered electronically via the Onboarding and Retention Team

                                             ◊Campus and teacher needs will vary; therefore, some Teachers New to the District may be asked to participate in the Novice                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     teacher mentoring program activities.

                                      ∞A Google link will be provided  September 2018