Frequently Asked Questions: Teacher Mentoring Program

  • Why do we need a teacher mentoring program?

    The Teacher Mentoring Program is designed to support teacher excellence by providing opportunities for the continued improvement of new and novice teachers to facilitate teacher effectiveness, ease new and novice teacher acclimation, and lower attrition rates.

    What is the difference between a new teacher and a novice teacher?

    A new teacher is a veteran teacher new to Dallas ISD. A novice teacher is a new teacher without prior teaching experience.

    What are the goals of the Teacher Mentoring Program?

    Partner novice and new teachers with veteran teachers for enhanced acclimation

    Establish support structures for novice and new teachers

    Improve novice and new teacher retention

    Amplify teacher effectiveness

    Cultivate leadership potential in veteran teachers serving as mentors

    Who can serve as a mentor?

    Instructional coaches and veteran teachers may serve as a mentor this year. It is recommended that the selected mentor be committed to goals of the program; adept at providing emotional and professional support, and share similar teaching assignments.

    Will I receive a stipend for serving as a mentor?

    At this time mentors will not receive a stipend, however, mentors are eligible to receive credit for the "Leadership" and "Contributions to Profession" categories of Distinguished Teacher Review.

    How many novice teachers can I mentor?

    It is recommended that Teacher Mentors mentor no more than 2 novice teachers at one time.

    Will novice teachers participating in the Dallas ISD Compass Program and other alternative certification programs receive mentors as well?

    Yes. The mentoring component of the Dallas ISD Compass Program is aligned with the Teacher Mentoring Program to ensure all new and novice teachers participate. We recognize that some alternative certification programs may have additional requirements for mentors and new teachers.

    How will interaction between mentors/mentees be captured?

    For the 2018-2019 school year, interaction (observations/informal meetings) between mentors and mentees will be captured using Google Forms. Further information will be forthcoming soon.

    For additional information, please email us at or call (972)925-4264.