Pick Your Path powered by Naviance

  • Naviance is a comprehensive college- and career-readiness solution for middle and high school students that helps align student strengths and interest to post-secondary goals. Naviance connects learning and life by helping students discover their individual strengths and learning styles while exploring college and career options based on their results.

    Dallas ISD has made Naviance, a self-discovery and college interest and application tool, available to students, parents and district campus staff with the goal of enhancing our students’ ability to make an informed decision about choosing an endorsement, one of five areas of study students can pursue in high school to help guide their college and career experiences.

    Naviance provides early exploration of student college and career interests while helping inform academic readiness starting in 6th grade. Schools are also able to measure readiness at each grade level, 6-12, through various assessments geared towards helping students find their strengths, information about the college application process, academic preparedness and financial aid.

    Each of the tools in Naviance are designed to address the whole student through Academic, Career, and Personal/Social Development assessments.

    Through Naviance, students and parents can:

    • Explore and apply to colleges and universities
    • Explore and apply to scholarships
    • Prepare for the PSAT and SAT
    • Learn about various career fields
    • Learn about upcoming college fairs
    • Build a resume
    • Request transcripts for colleges 

    Naviance allows teachers and staff to engage with students and help them throughout the college application.

    Through Naviance, teachers, counselors and staff can…

    • Access student academic information such as weighted GPA, PSAT/SAT scores
    • Communicate with groups of students
    • Create and promote college fairs and visits
    • Manage and submit required documents for students applying to college via the Common Application
    • Send electronic transcripts
    • Prepare students for the PSAT/SAT

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For questions regarding Pick Your Path, or HB5, direct email inquiries to or call 972-925-8816