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  • Reconnection Centers

    Reconnection Centers offer students an opportunity to recover credits for incomplete or failed courses at a school-within-a-school environment with support from an Instructional Team and an Educational Team, during extended hours before and after school.

    The centers facilitate student learning and mastering of objectives in core subjects by using online coursework. Successful outcomes for the program include an increase in a four year completion rate, a reduced dropout rate, reduce the number of students repeating a course, and reduce pressure on summer school resources.

    Credit Recovery

    Credit recovery allows students to remain on track to be promoted or graduate on time with their peers. Eligibility for this program requires guidance approval.

    Original Credit

    Original credit allows students to accelerate by taking courses permitted by their counselor.

    Prescriptive Computer Courseware (Apex Learning)

    This courseware consists of self-paced online courses that are objective-focused and are aligned with TEKS. The digital curriculum is designed to support all students in achieving their potential, from those struggling with grade-level content to those capable of accelerating their learning. Students are actively engaged in learning and motivated to persist in completing their coursework. Students are empowered to take control of their own learning. Scaffolding and supports guide diverse students, including ELL and struggling readers, in mastering rigorous content.

    Campus Transfers (Facilitators ONLY)

    On-Demand Mentor Training 

    Student Resources


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