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    Note from Ms. Brown -  
    Perhaps your child has been talking about our new music program, Quaver, a digital music curriculum that is interactive, fun and very educational.  The best thing about it is that music learning does not only have to take place in the classroom.  Now, your child can review, explore, sing along, and create music even at home. 
    All that is needed is a Quaver account.  It's safe, free, and fun.   To set up an account for your child, go to quavermusic.com and sign up.  There is a tab in the upper right hand corner to get you started. You will be asked for a special Quaver code (ALL codes can be found in the link above). This enrolls your child in a class.  Once enrolled, I will be able to view assignments and music created by your child and give feedback to their work. 
    You will be invited to purchase Quaver points.  However, for DISD students, all the educational content is free of charge.  Quaver points are necessary however to change the look of their Avatar.  Perhaps you could motivate them by purchasing points for an incentive.  You can do this for as little as $5.00.