• Violin
    We are happy to have strings classes at Alex Sanger for third through sixth grades, with instruction in English.  Our teacher, Mr. Hood, played violin as a student and went to TCU on a violin scholarship.  He instructs students on the violin, viola, cello, and bass.  This year we have beginning students in all classes.  Students may (and should!) rent instruments from DISD for the entire year for just $25. 
    We will take our fifth and sixth grade strings students to the Sandy Lake Music Festival in the spring.  Last year was our first appearance at the contest, and we won a Second Division trophy.  We hope to win a First Division trophy this year.  We plan on scheduling this year's contest appearance during the school day, and taking the bus to the contest so that we all can go together and take our instruments with us.
    Strings club is Tuesdays after school until 4:00, on the stage.  Any Sanger student may play in the club; no sign-up is required.
    We use two method books in class.  All students get a personal copy of  Essential Elements to use in class and at home.  These books belong to the student.  We use the website (see link above) for accompaniments during class.  There is currently a glitch in the assignment feature on the website, so we cannot currently assign students homework through the EEi website.
    We also use a class set of the Sound Innovations book for complimentary instruction.