•  Improvement, achievement and success are words that explain just what TAG at Alex Sanger is about.  As Benjamin Franklin says “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.”





    Note from Ms. Green -


    Dallasisd TAG Testing is scheduled to begin next week.  January 11-22, 2016 is the testing window for Kinders and Second Opportunity students.  During this period, TAG classes will be closed.


    Below are some projects students are working on:

    1st Grade - Creating a “Family Tree” and learning families across cultures –studying “A Family Affair”

    2nd Grade – Creating biographies and writing reports on persons who have made great contributions to this country.  Studying “Who’s Who –A Biography”

    3rd Grade – Creating a business plan and learning how to become an entrepreneur.  Studying “Starting A Business”

    4th Grade – Learning how to develop interview questions, conduct an interview on an elderly person and write a report.  Studying “Gift of Age”

    5th Grade – “Story Quilt” – Creating a paper quilt with a theme.