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    Posted by Brenda Mcelyea on 12/2/2021 11:25:00 AM

    Every time students come to the library with their class at least one student will say that they love books.  Yesterday a group of students listed the library as one of their two favorite things about school, without being asked!  This makes my heart soar and lets me know I must be doing something right.  We hear in the media that kids don't read these days but that is simply not true from my experience.  Students not only enjoy reading but want to read better and better.  They have their eyes on the books they will read in the future when they are better readers.  They borrow books they can't read yet in hopes that someone at home will read with or to them.  Many students love to read nonfiction books too.  Something has caught their attention and they want to know more about it.  It may be octopuses, planes, cars, monsters or holidays.  Students clamor around me asking where they can find their latest interest.  Parents you can encourage this enjoyment of books, reading and learning by reading with or next to your children.  Project an excitement about reading and what your child wants to share regarding stories they have read or what they have learned while reading.  Encourage further reading and help your children research to learn more about their interests.  Even if tomorrow their interests take them on a different path.  I've rambled enough now.

    Happy Reading!

    Mrs. McElyea

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