Weekly Library Checkout Days

    (Lessons are scheduled as needed by the teacher)

    Monday: 3A, 3B

    Wednesday: 4PKB2, 4PKG1, KC

    Thursday: 1B, 3C, 3PKB1A, 3PKB1P, 1C, ECSE, 4C, 5th Grade  

    Friday: 4A, KB, 1A, 2C, 4PKB1, KA, 2A



Notes from the Library

  • Podcasting in the Library

    Posted by Brenda Mcelyea on 12/5/2022

    I have added a podcast to the Parent Corner of the Library section of our website.  I learned how to produce podcasts during a recent training opportunity.  The idea is that I will take what I have learned and teach students and/or teachers how to podcast.  On television shows we see podcasters talking into a microphone and perhaps interviewing someone as they make a podcast.  In most cases it is not that simple.  It was fun putting together this first podcast .  I hope you enjoy it.  If you or your student would like to learn more about podcasting, I am here to assist.  Have a listen to my first attempt at podcasting: Not Quite Live from the Hive 

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