Weekly Library Days

    Monday: 5th Grade, 2C

    Tuesday: KB/1A

    Wednesday: 4PKB1, KC, 3B, 4B

    Thursday: 4PKG1, 3C, 2B/2A, 4C, 3A, 1C

    Friday: 4PKB2, FLS, KA, 1B, ECSE, 2A/2B, 4A


Notes from the Library

  • National Library Week and Nation School Library Month

    Posted by Brenda Mcelyea on 4/5/2022

    I like that libraries get their own national week and that school libraries get a whole month for celebrating reading and access to information.  Libraries have played an important role in the history of our country and in education. Libraries enable people to expand their learning at their own pace and to learn about places far away and near. They help parents to introduce the love of reading to their kids.

    Exploring libraries has long been a favorite thing for me to do when travelling too, especially if hit by a rainy or too hot day.  This past summer, as I visited my children and grandchildren, I was able to explore libraries in Utah, Indiana, and North Carolina.  I visited six different libraries.  Yes, I am definitely a library and book lover through and through.  Two of the libraries I visited were dedicated to family history and genealogy research.  One was built just for children.  I could go on, but I'd rather suggest that you make a special effort soon to visit the Dallas Public Library.  Find yourselves lost in the shelves exploring books about almost anything you can imagine.

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